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Top 10 Films of All Time - One Director Rule

Updated: March 19, 2001

 1 Taxi Driver  Taxi Driver
"On every street in every city, there's a nobody
who dreams of being a somebody."
 2 2001: A Space Odyssey  2001: A Space Odyssey
"Look Dave, I can see you're really
upset about this."
 3 Ikiru  Ikiru
"Life is so short
Fall in love, dear maiden
While your lips are still red
And before you are cold,
For there will be no tomorrow."
 4 It's A Wonderful Life  It's A Wonderful Life
"One man's life touches so many others,
when he's not there it leaves an awfully big hole."
 5 The Passion of Joan of Arc  The Passion of Joan of Arc  
 6 The Seventh Seal  The Seventh Seal
"I shall carry this memory carefully
in my hands as if it were a bowl
brimful of fresh milk."
 7 The Maltese Falcon  The Maltese Falcon
"I hope they don't hang you, precious,
by that sweet neck. The chances are
you'll get off with life. That means if
you're a good girl, you'll be out in
20 years. I'll be waiting for you.
If they hang you... I'll always remember you."
 8 Sullivan's Travels  Sullivan's Travels
"There's a lot to be said for
making people laugh. Did you
know that that's all
some people have?"
 9 Ugetsu  Ugetsu Monogatari
"I never imagined such pleasures existed!"
 10 Sunset Boulevard  Sunset Boulevard
"We didn't need dialogue. We had faces!"

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